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We are excited to introduce the ultimate way to explore the historic town of Covington, GA, aka "Hollywood of the South".
Tours in town are selling out to fast? Dealing with a tight schedule? Would you like to have more time to take pictures? Coming with family or friends and the tours become too expensive?
Together with ‘Roo on the Move‘ we have the perfect solution for you. As a Covington local with extensive first-hand knowledge of the town's rich filming history dating back to the 1990s with the “In the Heat of the Night” and “The Vampire Diaries” in the 2000’s Roo has developed close friendships with producers, directors, and the actors after being a witness of Many behind the scenes of filming, and working as a private tour guide for many years.
With all of this knowledge, we developed an audio tour that offers a convenient and customizable way to experience Covington's famous filming locations includes all Interesting information and backstories to fully immerse yourself in the scenes. And the best part that allows you to explore Covington on your own time and in your own way whether by walking, using a golf cart or driving your own vehicle.
Whether you're a fan of The Vampire Diaries, ghost stories or movies, there's something for everyone.
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Welcome To Hollywood Of The South!

Our Tours

Ghost Tour

Our beautiful town just celebrated 200 years! Let's take a stroll down to some of the oldest homes and historic streets. We will come across some tales of sadness and even a childhood crush. Some owners we believe still watch and protect their investments. Are you ready to discover what may or may not be visible to the naked eye?

Movie Tour

Take a stroll through the heart of Covington as we revisit locations for iconic scenes of all ages. Jam to some Dolly as we visit "Dumpling" or picture Burt Reynolds landing a plane in the town square. Find out if a King filmed in Covington. We have many fun facts and memorable scenes to share. We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Vampire Diaries Tour

Explore the Heart of Mystic Falls, and More. You will encounter nostalgic locations such the Gilbert house, past and present day Lockwood Mansion and the iconic Delena Rain kiss. We think you might be surprised at all the fun things you learn along the way and we hope you enjoy the journey #mysticfallsforever

Originals Tour

Dive into the heart of New Orleans and see the iconic filming locations such as Bourbon St, Rousseau’s or Gillespie’s Pub. Be on the lookout for any witches or hybrids that will be lurking in the shadows. We hope you enjoy the journey into Georgia’s very own French Quarter and the surprises along the way. #gafrenchquarter
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Ways To Experience The Tours

Each tour is designed for your leisure to stop and reenact scenes, shop, eat and play while you 
are around. So take your time and enjoy the tours!


Stroll historic streets & discover iconic locations from TV shows & films. See where Burt Reynolds landed, Ian Somerhalder's star, Dolly Parton's ties. Learn fun facts & notable hauntings on "Take Your Time" audio tour. Explore each location at your own pace, snap photos & re-enact scenes!

Golf Cart

A golf cart tour is an exciting and unique way to see the historic streets of Covington! Venture down to the park where Damon kissed Elena in the rain or see the bench where Bonnie talked with Grams on the "Other Side." Explore each location at your own pace, snap photos & re-enact scenes!


Discover memorable filming sites on the ultimate Driving tour in Covington Georgia. See Damon & Stefan's 1864 home, Salvatore School, Wickery Bridge & more. Take in the sites as "Roo on the Move" narrates details of your favorite shows through your car's audio system. Explor at your own pace.

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About Me

Meet Your Tour Guide

Hi all, For those that do not know me, my name is Karenda, aka "Roo on the Move." Growing up in the Hollywood of the South has been the most epic experience, to say the least.
"In the Heat of the Night" was an iconic piece of my childhood, and one of my very first opportunities to experience the art of filmmaking.
Over the years that the series filmed in Covington/Conyers, it was normal to see Carrol O'Conner and Alan Autry out and about in town. I talked with Carrol and Hugh often when they stopped into the grocery store where I worked as a teenager. These cast members quickly became an integral part of our community.
I will admit that there were several times that I skipped school to watch filming (this sounds like a perfectly valid excused absence, right?) Looking back, I know it was these moments that built the foundation for my love and appreciation for the film industry, and of course, a really good story. Watching scenes on screen that I saw created live, in-person, was truly a full circle moment, and I became eager to experience this more.
In my early twenties, while visiting Atlanta, I was presented with the opportunity to be a part of the cast and production crew of the film "Fled," starring Lawrence Fishburn. It was my first experience on set, and I was fascinated.
Fast forward to early 2009. A production called The Vampire Diaries was moving into Covington and the locals were captivated. In the evenings after work, I would head to the Square where much of the action was taking place. Base camp was set up nearby, and the cast would often take the time to stop and talk or take photos with fans, on their way back to camp. It didn't take long before we all started recognizing and remembering each other.
As the wrap of Season 1 grew closer, a casting call was released for the finale episode. I jumped all over it. Myself, and several other friends and family members, were chosen to be a part. For three full days, we stood out on the Square until the late hours of the night, watching parade floats go by, and Ian Somerhalder eating sherbet. (It is a memory that will live in infamy.)
If you know you know! I didn't realize it then, but Season 1 wouldn't be the only time I worked as an extra on set of The Vampire Diaries. I had the opportunity to do so several other times, and each one was just as magical as the first.
These experiences gave me the ability to develop lifelong friendships , and to meet producers, directors, creators, actors, and some AMAZING behind the scenes team members who helped bring it all to life. Watching them and learning of the "Behind the Scenes" magic changed my view of how shows/movies are made.
I have truly been blessed to meet people from all over the world. Seeing your eyes light up and taking in the magic that is my home! So, becoming a tour guide was my dream job.
I had a passion to share my stories and I wanted to bring you all along on this journey.
I love Covington! I love the history that has brought us to this point in time. And now I want to share it with you!
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